Wine is not the boss of me……..or is it??

Because at this point I am beginning to wonder. After a few years of mulling over whether I am in control of my wine habit or not, I am thinking maybe I am not.  I go from drinking a couple glasses of wine every night, to not drinking during the week ( after which I binge drink all weekend).  What I haven’t tried to do is quit completely.  Today is day 2 for me……and I am pretty scared.  Not afraid for today, but for my beloved Friday at 5.  What will I do on Friday?? Isn’t the whole point of Friday to celebrate the end of the week?  And, of course, what’s a celebration without wine??  Between last Friday thru Sunday I drank at least 15 glasses of wine. I would love to say that was a rare weekend, but it wasn’t.  Those types of weekends are getting more and more common.  My goal is to quit drinking for thirty days and really evaluate myself and my relationship with wine… did I get here??

1 thought on “Wine is not the boss of me……..or is it??

  1. It’s pretty easy to get to 15 glasses on a weekend for me, too… or more. It really doesn’t seem like much as it’s happening… but putting it down on paper is eye opening, isn’t it? I agree, you sound like me. Let’s support each other!


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