10 Days!………

So today is day 10 for me. I feel so much better and am looking better as well.  Kids  started school this week and hubs has been gone so I have been solo.  It’s been so much easier sans wine.  I have been  trying different sparkling waters, and am going to try tea next.

I was reflecting tonight about my alcohol free days and how much better I am feeling and I thought, “wow, only 20 more days to go”.  Wait……..what???, if I am feeling so much better why am I looking forward to 30 days sober so I can drink again? I truly don’t know the answer.  We are going on a weekend getaway this weekend (whoo hoo) and I really want to have my first alcohol free holiday! Wish me luck…..

I guess I do miss the wine, but not how I feel afterwards…..or how I act after too many glasses.  I don’t miss the feeling of not having control over how much I drink.  Feeling confused tonight….

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