Sober Vacation

Well, it’s day 13. The family and I are on a weekend holiday and I am sober……..for the first time.  After a longer than anticipated 3.5 hour drive we arrived late Fri afternoon. My immediate thought was I NEED a drink NOW. Kids were awful, I was starving, and really cranky. Stubbornness was the only thing that kept me from drinking. My mind is set on my 30 day goal. It’s really nice not feeling sluggish, and feeling more present with my kids. It’s hard though, my kids argue, whine and pick on each other A LOT.  I am becoming more and more aware of how wine became an escape rather than something I enjoyed. Not sure exactly when this happened but it did. I am conscious now of when I want a drink. It’s pretty much always when I am stressed or annoyed.

The Sober Revolution has been my go to support system. Not sure where I am headed in regards to drinking. I turn 45 on Monday.  Am feeling better than ever. Sober vacation was actually nice, knowing I was NOT going to drink felt empowering.  I have begun thinking about when I will drink again, and more importantly why. Sober birthday is next……

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