Day 24

Well, today is day 24. I survived a few social outings and a 3 day weekend! Whoo hoo for me. I have been feeling good but starting to want a glass of wine…….just one.  I wished I believed myself but I don’t. Not that I wouldn’t start with just one.  I bet I could go a few weeks with just a glass or two a couple times a week.  That’s about it……

Tonight I asked my husband if he thought I seemed less angry/moody.  He said no :(.  He said the only thing that bothered him when I was drinking was that I would get angry. I told him I had really gotten to be an angry drunk.  Time to reevaluate things.  I was hoping for some validation, that he would think I looked better, acted better, something!   I definitely have more energy and feel more present with my kids.  I am still trying to figure out where to go from here. ……and I keep reading…..



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