I Did It!!!!

I mean sort of……I quit drinking for 31 days!!  It wasn’t easy. I really tried to be mindful of when I wanted a drink and definitely noticed it was when I was mad or stressed.  So impressed I did it, just not sure where to go from here.  I did start drinking again a week ago and have been doing ok….a couple glasses of wine  every other night or so.   I am really just figuring out things as I go.  I think coming up with some options for managing my stress will help.  I am going to a tea seminar in a few weeks!! Ultimately I would just like to be a person who can drink moderately, I’m just not sure I can do that. …..  I have a big party at a friends this weekend, the last time she had a party I got so drunk I left without saying goodbye   (Or Happy Birthday) to anyone. I had to call the next day and apologize. I remember I kept thinking that I hoped I wasn’t too obnoxious at the party…….I’m sure I was ….. I am going to try attending this one and not drink.  Good luck to me!

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